IPA: hˈætʃɪmʌn

Root Word: Hachiman


  • (Japanese mythology, Shinto, Buddhism) the Japanese god of archery and tutelary deity of samurai.

Examples of "hachiman" in Sentences

  • The two forces meet on the field of Hachiman.
  • How to get to philippine embassy in osaka from ohmi hachiman?
  • Doves are the symbolic animal of Hachiman, the Shinto god of war.
  • Hachiman Station is an elevated station with dual opposed side platforms.
  • Hachiman has saved the lives of various ThunderCats on multiple occasions.
  • The second part didn't seem pertinent in an article about Tsurugaoka Hachiman.
  • Hachiman also came to be noted as the guardian of the Minamoto clan of samurai.
  • After the short stay in Otsu, I hopped back on the train to my next destination: Omi-hachiman, an old town that has served the now-gone hilltop castle from the 16th century.
  • Even the few wrong turns I made on the way back to the train station felt fine. snaps from Shiga - top (four): town of Katata, Otsu City; middle: view of Lake Biwa from top of Mt. Hachiman; bottom (four): old town of Omi-hachiman

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