hack writer

IPA: hˈækrˈaɪtɝ

Root Word: Hack writer


  • a pejorative term for a writer who is paid to write low-quality, rushed articles or books "to order", often with a short deadline.

Examples of "hack-writer" in Sentences

  • "Not-so-young hack-writer, so bitchily you should not blog," Yoda said.
  • He graduated at Cambridge in 1654, and is next found in London lodging with a bookseller for whom he worked as a hack-writer.
  • This is not the Pollyanna style favored by hack writers of the twenties and thirties but the hack-writer style that superseded it, disPollyanna.
  • But as soon as he is put out of the reach of this base kind of want, his whole style changes, and instead of the reckless and slovenly hack-writer, we have one of the most minute and careful artists that ever lived.
  • Fitch was that invaluable type of the political hack-writer, a lackey of the mind, instinctively subservient to his paper's slightest opinion, hating what it hates, loving what it loves, with the servile adherence of a medieval churchman.
  • After failing as a subordinate teacher in a boarding-school he became a hack-writer in Birmingham, where, at the age of twenty-five, he made a marriage with a widow, Mrs. Porter, an unattractive, rather absurd, but good-hearted woman of forty-six.
  • The other incident introduces the vicious William Kenrick, that hack-writer who slandered Goldsmith without cause on so many occasions, Shortly after the publication of one of his libels in the press, Kenrick was met by Goldsmith accidentally in the Chapter and made to admit that he had lied.
  • Much as I would love to be wrong I fear there is as much chance of this happening as there was of the Soviet hack-writer Sholokhov giving his Nobel Prize for Literature to some more deserving writer - one who had not only suffered in the Soviet gulag but whose works were actually worth reading.

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