IPA: hˈækʌɫz

Root Word: Hackles


  • the erectile plumage or hair in the neck area of some birds and mammals.

Examples of "hackles" in Sentences

  • It raises hackles of some folks.
  • The throat hackles are shorter than in most other ravens.
  • Consistent factitious editing raises hackles, that is all.
  • 'hackles' up, and waiting for the enemy with an ominous growl.
  • I'm just saying to be cautious and to expect it to raise hackles.
  • He may be an innocent user, but, at the moment, my hackles are up.
  • Again, I'm not the first to have my hackles raised by this section.
  • The slim neck projects from a cape of long, glossy, blue and white hackles.
  • It is the largest and glossiest subspecies, with the longest throat hackles.
  • Long, thin hackles are best: They move easily in the water and don't impede your casting.
  • Now, however, the statue is raising hackles among the city's business and financial establishment.
  • Like I said, that was just my impression at the time and it didn't raise any of my "hackles," or "heckles."
  • Lots of times, gals get in hackles about voluptuous panty-flashing video game vixens and the game camera's decadent worship of their rendered flesh.
  • And in twenty minutes, a long and lanky 80 pound gray wolf with black hackles stepped out of the timber below, looking for the source of the calling.
  • Back in 1999 when Thomas Keller's "French Laundry Cookbook" came out with fiendishly difficult recipes, he raised hackles by asserting that cooking is not about shortcuts.
  • What really raises Madison Avenue’s hackles is the potential for Google to become Universal Advertising Inc.: a sprawling presence that brokers highly targeted ads across all media.
  • Second, Chinese official aid to unsavory governments in order to lubricate OFDI contracts raises governance and humanitarian concerns and, therefore, hackles among developed country governments.
  • What raises my hackles about this post -- and, mind you, my hackles are my responsibility, not yours -- is its (wholly unintentional) echo of part of the bizarrely illogical conception of the Jews by Christian propagandists.

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