IPA: hˈædriʌn

Root Word: Hadrian


  • (historical) The Roman emperor Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus.
  • A male given name from Latin, of rare usage, variant of Adrian.

Examples of "hadrian" in Sentences

  • Bubastite coins of the age of Hadrian exist.
  • There is a typo under the caption of Hadrian.
  • Antoninus was Hadrian's adopted son and heir.
  • Hadrian deferred for eleven years, for example.
  • Langlois states that the bridge was built by Hadrian.
  • There is no reason to mention Hadrian in the band's history.
  • Balbilla was a court poetess and friend to Hadrian and Sabina.
  • The nucleus of the villa was constructed in the time of Hadrian.
  • If you read this now, that means Spectator still holds on. hadrian
  • There is an inscription in the theatre that relates to the emperor Hadrian.
  • Hadrian realized that the Caledonians would refuse to coexist with the Romans.
  • I agree it is pointless to compare or compete in terms of these two issues. hadrian
  • The expectation of the unreal is all that is necessary and sufficient to guarantee it will remain so. hadrian
  • "Well, said the Chimpanzee, I just wanted to know if I was my brother's keeper or my keeper's brother." hadrian
  • I wonder why a God would create all those Stars and also Black Holes which gobble up and destroy by the billion? hadrian
  • Anyone who trusts this load of useless, untalented and foolish people must have been very occupied on their planet. hadrian
  • The ultra orthodox race hating bigots holding the country to ransom do their job so darn well that they just don't need our help. hadrian
  • Sorry Blades, just realized that democracy and human rights mean squat to you, in light of your professional work for the murderous tyrannical government sitting in Beijing. hadrian
  • Tas Walker: "The whole strategy of these clowns, the atheistic media and the atheistic scientific elite" hadrian: "Granted I.D. is a form of creationism just what is the problem with that?
  • Atheists are free to interpret the evidence in line with their world-view presuppositions "hadrian:" This thread vividly proves what a massive investment/reliance the atheist has in/on evolution to oust theism from the public forum. "

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