IPA: hˈædrʌsˈɔrʌs

Root Word: Hadrosaurus


  • (meaning "bulky lizard") a genus of hadrosaurid ornithopod dinosaurs that lived in North America during the Late Cretaceous Period in what is now the Woodbury Formation about 80 million to 78 million years ago.

Examples of "hadrosaurus" in Sentences

  • The bones of the Hadrosaurus are in storage.
  • For the next few days, he pretended to be a hadrosaurus.
  • Dis hadrosaurus wawkz n2 uh bar, n himz askiz teh bartindur, “Gotz enny graypfrootz?”
  • "Apparently they have decided we need these," and she pushed at the hadrosaurus nuts with a sour expression on her face.
  • But they're not as studied as much as the predatory dinosaurs, such as t-rex, which was the contemporary of the hadrosaurus.
  • The finds included remains of a 20-metre hadrosaurus, which could be a record size for the duck-billed dinosaur, Xinhua said.
  • I glanced over - and having taken a year of paleontology as part of my geology undergraduate studies - felt fairly confident that it was a hadrosaurus.
  • Tyrannosaurus rex (the famous predator from the Late Cretaceous of North America) stalking a group of, one of the largest hadrosaurus known from the Late Cretaceous of China.
  • It wasn't until he was watching Dinosaur Train on PBS that he just so happened to see that that what he had been told was a hadrosaurus was actually a parasaurolophus (!!!!) and his faith in my dinosaur knowledge was terribly shaken.

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