i beam

IPA: ˈaɪbim

Root Word: I beam


  • Alternative form of I-beam [(engineering) A beam with cross-section shaped like a capital letter I (with serifs top and bottom), used in construction.]


IPA: ˈaɪbim

Root Word: I-beam


  • (engineering) A beam with cross-section shaped like a capital letter I (with serifs top and bottom), used in construction.
  • (computing, graphical user interface) A cursor shaped like the letter I, usually indicating text that can be edited or selected.


IPA: ˈɪnfʌbˈim

Root Word: Infibeam


  • Infibeam Avenues Limited is an Indian multinational financial technology company which provides payment services globally under the brand name CCAvenue and e-commerce software services to businesses across various industries and the Government of India.

Examples of "ibeam" in Sentences

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Examples of "i-beam" in Sentences

  • I could see cable stays and i-beam struts rising to the city's umbrella roof.
  • After that slab was put into place, inspectors found a crack in an i-beam of another section of the bridge.
  • -3.75 "scat 9000 series crank with external balance, scat 5.7" 5140 forged i-beam rods, forged dome +4cc pistons with file fit rings
  • This is structural steel, a foot by about six inch i-beam construction building that is just in a shambles here that was effaced with brick.
  • But still, maybe he'll get a day job, for the ESPN cameras or whatever, and then a million-pound iron i-beam will fall on his skull, the end.
  • At 13 minutes into the blaze, the area in the middle of the i-beam had burned away leaving just the bottom piece of the beam to support the weight above.
  • Maybe Plus isn't the problem - nor is any of the above? occasionally the cursor has been like a writing app cursor, an i-beam and not an arrow on some sites.
  • As you can imagine, there's so much debris, concrete, big pieces of metal, those big i-beam structures that were the trusses for the bridge, and a lot of reinforcing rod.
  • Now it is being developed by i-beam design for use as inexpensive and efficient low-cost housing not only for people displaced by natural disasters but also as a solution for affordable pre-fab housing.

Examples of "infibeam" in Sentences

  • I dont want to sound ominous, but the infibeam website looks 90% like amazon.
  • I think, I am very active infibeam customer, so your presence in product team is great news for customers.
  • All the very best swaroop, hoping to see a lot more from infibeam and you being there i am all ears and eyes now
  • Infibeam. com owns and operates an e-commerce retail portal www. infibeam.com as well as customized products portal www. picsquare.com.
  • We can look at many such applications that have the potential to redefine how Indians view and look at content, "enthused Vishal Mehta, founder and CEO, infibeam. com.
  • Infibeam. com, one of the largest online retail portals for consuming India, today announced the launch of infibeam. com Pi, the first ever reading device in India designed to provide an exceptional reading experience that also supports most Indian languages with digital rights management.

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