IPA: ˈaɪsibˈiˈɛm

Root Word: ICBM


  • (weaponry) Initialism of intercontinental ballistic missile. [(military, astronautics) A class of long-range missiles associated especially with carrying nuclear warheads.]

Examples of "icbm" in Sentences

  • As opposed to, say, the invention of the ICBM.
  • The article claims that R 16 to be the first ICBM.
  • I'm guessing most of them don't know anything icbm
  • DD was responsible for the development of the ICBM.
  • Thanks, Ed, and thanks also for all your diaries. icbm
  • Log in to Reply icbm, as my dad always said civil_truth
  • Different idea: say "thank you" to McCain staffers icbm
  • I don't want to 'go' there or to aim a ICBM at the place.
  • In this situation, you catch the ICBM soon after takeoff.
  • An ICBM warhead version of the weapon was cancelled in 1957.
  • Log in to Reply the people who were paid were probably 200 icbm
  • As I stated, I'm sure that you didn't mean to insult him, icbm.
  • You baselessly maligned hundreds of honorable men and women icbm
  • It was then speculated that development of an ICBM was not far behind.
  • If the ICBM was set to detonate on impact, then that would be correct.
  • Log in to Reply the average footsoldiers, who were good men and women icbm
  • Resulting in the development of the intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM .
  • Log in to Reply icbm ... is your name on that list?? ... just wondering ... nt
  • In 1972 the Director was Academician Dorodnitcyn one of the pioneers of ICBM.
  • See this is your problem icbm ... you don't address the substance of my argument ... that make you a twit* ...

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