IPA: ˈɪgboʊ

Root Word: Igbo


  • A member of a people of southeast Nigeria.
  • The language spoken by the Igbo people and elsewhere in southern Nigeria.

Examples of "igbo" in Sentences

  • Its people are of Igbo extraction.
  • It is not part of the Igbo language.
  • He was a descendant of the Igbo people.
  • These loa are linked to the Igbo people.
  • Roye was a descendant of the Igbo people.
  • There are a small population of Igbo Jews.
  • In this case the dominant language is Igbo.
  • This is congruent with the duality of the Igbo world.
  • Stop removing the relationship of the Ikerre to the Igbo.
  • Igbo art is any body of visual art originating from the people of the Igbo.

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