IPA: dʒʌbˈɑɫpɝ

Root Word: Jabalpur


  • A large city in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Examples of "jabalpur" in Sentences

  • Jabalpur has a variety of Industries too.
  • Jabalpur is the largest city in the region.
  • The principal seat of the court is Jabalpur.
  • Delhi to Jabalpur line also stops at Gwalior.
  • These great leaders visited Jabalpur on the occasion.
  • So giv up hope for this king of building in jabalpur.
  • Jabalpur is considered to be a base for higher education.
  • Jabalpur is the administrative headquarters of the division.
  • I want to be a gigelo in jabalpur for lko unsatisfied females?
  • i am pratap singh i am also belong from jabalpur my ajucation bca
  • Online PetitionWed Jan 28 20: 21: 24 2009 jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)
  • A monthly alimony of Rs. 25 and a house in Jabalpur was given to Kosi.
  • September 20th, 2008 at 12: 32 am why are they building it in jabalpur.
  • The city of Jabalpur is the administrative headquarters of the district.
  • The twinkling light of Jabalpur city can be seen from here at clear nights.
  • I am 28 years old male from madhy pradesh, jabalpur, I had giddiness problem?
  • If u want to see the reality then go to jabalpur & see what is happening there.
  • I am presently in sy bca which course will be good for me MSc IT or MCA or MBA IT or any course? where can i find decent internships for aeronautical engineering students.? hi frnd, i m in jabalpur engg college, i have a option of changing branch, i m in information technology?
  • U: you are from pdpm iiitdm whats this me: told my college is a iiit in jabalpur and pdpm is pandit dwarka prasad mishra (T asked his history and explained it how the college is estab. by mhrd -- > arjun singh -- > his political guru -- > pdpm) (a series of laughings and smilings start)
  • June 19th, 2010 at 3: 22 pm good to know that india is going to be the home of the tallests building inthe world very soon ofcourse it great and goodness but what is it if it come in a unknow and a place nkow body like to visit jabalpur why not? in major metropolitian cities like bombay delhi kolkata chennai and hyderabad. it should be definately in one of this five cities not in remote area like jabalpur. moreever if the building is common or useful for the whole society [world] then only people like to come have their time spend there but if is going to the onlr indian region building that what about other religion people india is free country worshiped by all god theier own choice so any monument built by govrnment or by any public entrprenar should always consider the whole nation. so i strongly suggest to build the tallest building in the world in india to be use ful for the whole nation may be abusiness or a mamoth shoping mallthat also in the well developed and good transport facility available place. because it must be also a massive tourist attractive place.

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