IPA: dʒˈæktɝ


  • (Britain) Alternative spelling of jacktar [(Britain) A sailor in the Royal Navy.]

jack tar

IPA: dʒˈæktɑr

Root Word: Jack Tar


  • (Britain, idiomatic) Alternative spelling of jacktar [(Britain) A sailor in the Royal Navy.]


IPA: dʒˈæktɝ


  • (Britain) A sailor in the Royal Navy.

Examples of "jack-tar" in Sentences

  • Splendid jack-tar as he was, no one could be more thoroughly disagreeable than
  • He came down in a few minutes, having donned his best jack-tar suit, and holding out a pretty sealskin purse to Bet.
  • Whatever became of the men from the British trawler he never knew, but his jack-tar companions were with him still and helped to keep up his spirits.
  • So he got himself transferred to another boat that was about to sail for the West Indies, and took the rough service that falls to the lot of a jack-tar.
  • The money they threw on the bars of water-side dram-shops, in exchange for the vile rum which was the worst enemy of too many a good jack-tar, was looked upon with suspicion.
  • No matter; it was their wedding-day, thought Will, and no one could be more cheerful than he as he donned his becoming sailor suit and brushed his curly hair, and made himself look as spruce and neat as any jack-tar in the land.
  • So they jogged along together, talking vigorously about the Navy, but, in the course of half an hour the jack-tar seemed to think better of his plan for entering "a service noted for its cruelty to seamen," and turned back, saying,
  • The name of Porter is one famous in the naval annals of the United States; and probably there never existed a family in which the love for the life of a fighting jack-tar was so strong as among these representative American sailors.
  • It was a scene of constant hubbub: smiths and sailmakers toiling in their shops, captains and mates hollering after jack-tar seamen, stevedores and draymen wrestling the great wooden barrels called hogsheads used to ship the staples of trade—flour or sugar, wine or rum.

Examples of "jacktar" in Sentences

  • Includes lists of ships, people, and the story of Stan Rogers 'song "Barrett's Privateers." www. chebucto.ns.ca/~jacktar/privateering. html

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