IPA: dʒˈæksʌn

Root Word: Jackson


  • A surname originating as a patronymic.
  • Andrew Jackson, President of the United States (1829–1837).
  • Michael Jackson, singer and entertainer (1958–2009).
  • A male given name transferred from the surname.
  • A placename:
  • A number of places in the United States:
  • The capital city of Mississippi, and one of the two county seats of Hinds County.
  • A city in Alabama.
  • A city, the county seat of Amador County, California.
  • A city, the county seat of Butts County, Georgia.
  • An unincorporated community in Tipton County, Indiana.
  • An unincorporated community in Ripley County, Indiana.
  • A city, the county seat of Breathitt County, Kentucky.
  • A town in Louisiana.
  • A town in Maine.
  • A city, the county seat of Jackson County, Michigan.
  • A city, the county seat of Jackson County, Minnesota.
  • A city, the county seat of Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.
  • An unincorporated community in Beaverhead County, Montana.
  • A village in Nebraska.
  • A town in New Hampshire.
  • A town in New York.
  • A town, the county seat of Northampton County, North Carolina.
  • An unincorporated community in Union County, North Carolina, named after Andrew Jackson.
  • A city, the county seat of Jackson County, Ohio.
  • An unincorporated community and township in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.
  • A town in South Carolina.
  • A city, the county seat of Madison County, Tennessee.
  • An unincorporated community in Columbia County, Washington.
  • Several places in Wisconsin:
  • A town in Adams County, Wisconsin.
  • A town in Burnett County, Wisconsin.
  • A town in Washington County, Wisconsin.
  • A village in Washington County, Wisconsin, adjacent to the town.
  • A town, the county seat of Teton County, Wyoming.
  • Many townships in the United States, listed under Jackson Township.
  • A town in Queensland, Australia.
  • (US) A U.S. 20-dollar banknote USD (from the portrait of President Andrew Jackson on the bill).
  • A member of The Jackson 5.
  • Ellipsis of Jackson County. [A county of Alabama, United States. County seat: Scottsboro.]

Examples of "jackson" in Sentences

  • Jackson could only gibber.
  • Jackson was the unchallenged star of the team.
  • Michael Jackson wrote the foreword to the book.
  • Cortland is the home of the Jackson County Rodeo.
  • Dr. Jackson began as a pediatrician in the 1960s.
  • She is curently the girlfriend of the Percy Jackson.
  • By the fall of 1993, Jackson was addicted to the drugs.
  • The Senate approved the motion to censure Jackson in 1834.
  • Oct 28th, 2007 at 8: 16 pm flatrock where in jackson heights?
  • Jackson remained the starter for the rest of the season. 2007.
  • Jackson was charged with felonious assault in the summer of 2003.
  • Category: david shuster, kevin jackson, let me google that for you
  • I honestly prefer Unidentified Flying Chickens in jackson heights, Queens over both bon chon and kyochon.
  • - sam jackson is another who has become a pardoy of himself, a solid role/story could get him back on track as well.
  • Bozo The Neoclown says: victoria jackson is a washed up retard who’s one breath away from wearing a tinfoil hat in public.
  • So chase is arguing for the head of some corporation with political connections to buy another multi-million dollar mansion in jackson-hole at the expense of his own retirement.
  • And on Google News, the most popular search over the past seven days has just been just one word - 'jackson' - refecting the phenomenal interest and media attention after his untimely death.
  • June 26th, 2009 4: 27 pm ET al sharpton was on TV in seconds after MJ's death. jesse jackson is at MJ's house right now talking to fans with the tv camera's rolling. now little jesse asks for a moment of silence in the house ... business as usual.
  • Thats why I think its either confirmed or rumored that peter jackson is doing halo cody on Jul 11, 2008 nothing wrong with the muzzle fire it is pointing in the direction of the bullet. it is a slowmo pic the guns are already tilted back from the recoil of the gun thats my it looks like that. roman on Jul 11, 2008
  • Oct 24th, 2007 at 9: 58 am avisualperson saw these guys in jackson heights today, they are in jackson heights 7 days a week, serving steamed and fried momos (beef dumplings), 8 for $5 plus chicken or beef over rice or pita (halal-style). moms were aight, but, the hot sauce was phenonemenal; tasted vaguely herbal, ginger-y, lots of flavor.

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