IPA: dʒæksˈoʊniʌn

Root Word: Jacksonian


  • An adherent of Andrew Jackson's politics and policies, or one who admires Jackson as a historical figure.


  • Of or pertaining to someone whose last name was Jackson.
  • Of or pertaining to Jacksonian seizures, characteristic of certain forms of epilepsy (after John Hughlings Jackson).
  • Alternative letter-case form of Jacksonian [Of or pertaining to someone whose last name was Jackson.]

Examples of "jacksonian" in Sentences

  • Both chambers had a Jacksonian majority.
  • Jacksonian democracy and manifest destiny.
  • Jacksonian seizures are a form of epilepsy.
  • Now Jacksonian populism can be 'heard' as well as read.
  • The section on the Jacksonian democratic party is not up to par.
  • At this point he is most often identified as an anti Jacksonian.
  • North Carolina retains a Jacksonian era system of divided executive power.
  • When the Jacksonians had a majority in the Senate, the censure was expunged.
  • Jacksonian seizure or Jacksonian march is associated with a form of epilepsy.
  • Howard was well known as a fervent anti Jacksonian during his term in office.

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