IPA: dʒˈeɪkʌb

Root Word: Jacob


  • One of the sons of Isaac and Rebecca, and twin brother of Esau; father of the Israelites (Jews and Samaritans) by 12 sons by 4 consorts, most famously Judah and Joseph who fathered Manasseh; was renamed to Israel.
  • A male given name from Hebrew.
  • A breed of multihorned sheep.

Examples of "jacob" in Sentences

  • Jacob will do more in moments of idleness.
  • Jacob became very perceptive about the evil forces.
  • Israel is the inheritance of Jacob, of the Jewish people.
  • The whereabouts of Jacob and the gunman are still unknown.
  • The Book of Jacob is the third book of the Book of Mormon.
  • Jacobs auctioned off the cars and let go of the chauffeur.
  • Jacobs later auctioned off the cars and let go of the chauffeur.
  • In the letter, Wetterling asks the abductor if Jacob is still with him.
  • The whereabouts of Jacob and the identity of the gunman are still unknown.
  • He teamed with Necro Butcher to defeat the team of Jimmy Jacobs and Delirious.
  • Sat 12/19/09 1: 06 PM ok jacob is ok but edward is HOT AND THAT IS THE TRUE OK
  • TEAM EDWARD!!!!!! how in the world could you even like that selfish pig you call jacob?
  • Julliette and ben BOTH have cocks and start a new martial art called cock foo fighting which jacob is bad at ….
  • Wed 12/02/09 9: 54 PM no thats not ture jacob is everything they deserve to be together but then Ederwd jumps in. reply back
  • These are pretty much the only acceptable options I can fore see, unless of course jacob is just a name and it is really a woman although he has been reffered to as ‘him’.

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