IPA: dʒækʌbˈiʌn

Root Word: Jacobean


  • A partisan of James I and of the House of Stuart.


  • Relating to a Jacob or James.
  • Relating to or characteristic of the reign of James VI and I (of Scotland and England).

Examples of "jacobean" in Sentences

  • All are brick in Jacobean style.
  • The holy table and pulpit are Jacobean.
  • There is no Jacobean drama of any sort.
  • The pulpit is simple and Jacobean in style.
  • The Jacobean interior woodwork of national renown.
  • Overlooking the street is a Jacobean style railing.
  • It is designed in the style of Jacobean architecture.
  • The sprawling Jacobean structure is a noted landmark.
  • The font is Jacobean and the pulpit is a three decker.
  • Many of the pews are Jacobean, as are the pulpit and the lectern.
  • Now I've discovered that they're adding to their site on South Bank an indoor jacobean Theatre that will be lit with candles to duplicate as closely as possible the atmosphere theatergoers would have experienced centuries ago.

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