IPA: jɑkˈoʊbi

Root Word: Jacobi


  • A surname from German.

Examples of "jacobi" in Sentences

  • Jacobi became the patron of the Fund.
  • Jacobi subscribes to the group theory.
  • Jacobi wanted to avoid a public scandal.
  • It's closely akin to the Jacobi formulation.
  • Jacobi's philosophy is essentially unsystematic.
  • Note also that they satisfy the Jacobi identity.
  • Just to the southeast is the slightly larger Jacobi.
  • Thanks for your contribution on the Jacobi algorithm.
  • Jacobi is a leader and innovator in information technology.
  • It is then possible to check that the Jacobi identity is satisfied.
  • "I figure it's gotta be hard for a guy like that to find a date," said jacobi Chapter25
  • #82 POSTED BY jacobi, May 13th, 2010 1: 12 pm the worst film ive ever seen, boring and the camera work is terrible,
  • Later in New York, lotte jacobi (1896 – 1990), born in Germany, likewise specialized in portraits of artistic and scientific achievers (Einstein, Thomas Mann, J.D. Salinger).
  • Reminds me of a Frasier episode where the brothers Crane were excited because a great actor they had idolized in their youth (played by a great actor, Sir Derek jacobi) was coming to town to perform.
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