IPA: dʒˈækʌbaɪt

Root Word: Jacobite


  • (historical) A supporter of the restoration of the Stuart kings to the thrones of England and Scotland in the late 17th century. [from Template:SAFESUBST: c.]
  • (Christianity, dated) A member of the Syriac Orthodox Church, or historically any miaphysite or monophysite. [from Template:SAFESUBST: c.]
  • (Christianity, historical) A follower of Henry Jacob, a 16th–17th-century Puritan theologian; an early Congregationalist.

Examples of "jacobite" in Sentences

  • This proved to be a Jacobite defeat.
  • She was thought to be a secret Jacobite.
  • History of the Jacobite line of succession.
  • Jacobite community, ideology and policy ==.
  • Dancing was an important part of Jacobite culture.
  • He collected Jacobite material but that was about it.
  • He also maintained correspondence with the Jacobites.
  • See also the Jacobite Heritage website www.jacobite.ca.
  • On the 26th the Jacobites entered Preston to cheering crowds.
  • He later earned the undying hatred of the Jacobites by turning King's evidence.
  • From the Jacobite Heritage website www.jacobite.ca/essays/lafosse.htm, citing comments from Otto von Habsburg to the genealogist David Willis.
  • With you modelling skills, I was thinking of a jacobite set-up along the lines of the picture in the League of Augsburg web site in the LOGW Napoleonic gallery.
  • Others had heard Westburnflat boast, in drinking parties, that Ellieslaw would soon be in arms for the jacobite cause, and that he himself was to hold a command under him, and that they would be bad neighbours for young
  • Arms of an evening, than was consistent with strict temperance, or indeed with his worldly interest; for upon these occasions, his compotators sometimes contrived to flatter his partialities by singing jacobite songs, and drinking confusion to Bonaparte, and the health of the Duke of
  • He was a steady jacobite, his father and his four uncles having been out in the forty-five; but he was a no less steady adherent of King George, in whose service he had made his little fortune, and lost three brothers; so that you were in equal danger to displease him, in terming Prince Charles, the

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