IPA: dʒˈeɪkʌbz

Root Word: Jacobs


  • An English surname originating as a patronymic derived from Jacob.
  • A place in the United States:
  • A southern neighbourhood of Louisville, Kentucky.
  • A town in Ashland County, Wisconsin, named after William H. Jacobs.
  • Former name of Port Providence, Pennsylvania.
  • (UK, slang) Testicles (sometimes spelt Jacob's).
  • Alternative form of Jacobs [An English surname originating as a patronymic derived from Jacob.]

Examples of "jacobs" in Sentences

  • January 22, 2009 10:12 AM miss jacobs if you're nasty.
  • Jacobs auctioned off the cars and let go of the chauffeur.
  • Jacobs later auctioned off the cars and let go of the chauffeur.
  • Bella is on bedrest for almost 40% of the entire book (jacobs book).
  • June 2nd, 2008 3: 10 pm ET good riddance to bad nuisance! sidney jacobs
  • Oh, is this one of those things where the joke is on us? jacobs mistress
  • I know the real marc jacobs bags all use either “riri” or “lampo” zippers.
  • He teamed with Necro Butcher to defeat the team of Jimmy Jacobs and Delirious.
  • If thats actually going to be the place of jacobs home and garage I think its PERFECT!
  • Oooo, this will be fun! twilighter (8/12/2008 2: 38: 00 PM) who imprints on jacobs sister?
  • BRIGGS STRATTON GAS ENGINES class of bird student discount store cinematica dinamica e conklin park propane wall furnaces st jacobs village crate dog shipping CRAFT LUGGAGE TAG court of appeal uk
  • I want to really be able to feel what the characters are feeling. stary (11/29/2008 1: 54: 31 AM) i also feel that the only real thing that needs to be tweaked it jacobs height. i can't see anyone else playing him now that i've seen the movie.
  • HAS EVERY1 FOrgotn that it was jacks dad in jacobs cabin???????? wtf was he there for? oh yeah by the way becaus they went back in time by getting on the island all their illness disapear because technically its before it happend yueah this is the most likely theory

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