IPA: kˈɑbʌ

Root Word: Kaaba


  • The nearly cubical stone temple in Mecca, the holiest place in Islam and site of the great hajj assembly

Examples of "kaaba" in Sentences

  • He is said to have built the Kaaba.
  • The Kaaba is not a just a black cube.
  • People reported to be born in the Kaaba.
  • The Kaaba is not built of a black stone.
  • Also, what about a picture of the Kaaba.
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  • It was not nearly as high as the modern Kaaba.
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  • Inside the Kaaba, there is a marble and limestone floor.
  • Worshippers in the Sacred Mosque pray in concentric circles around the Kaaba.
  • "By the holy kaaba! but this amounts to a miracle," exclaimed the lieutenant.
  • The “Black Stone” in the kaaba of the temple of Mecca is a still surviving example of the veneration paid by the Semitic nations to sacred stones.
  • The connection of Adam/Eve to the kaaba is also interesting, since Mecca (Makkah) is an ancient center of goddess worship (the Triple Goddess) prior to the advent of Islam.
  • Mohammed kaaba 1315. jpg The Islamic prophet Muhammad solves a dispute over lifting the black stone into position at al-Kaaba. polymath22 The 8th Annual Central and Southwest Asia conference is underway at the University of Montana.
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