IPA: kˈɑbʊɫ

Root Word: Kabul


  • The capital and largest city of Afghanistan.
  • A province of Afghanistan.

Examples of "kabul" in Sentences

  • Kabul refuses to consider the proposal.
  • Fall of Kabul and creation of the Emirate.
  • He was the victim of a skyrocket in Kabul.
  • Azam is a popular figure at the Kabul jail.
  • The map is not a map of Kabul province, or Kabul city.
  • Bunun anlam, oniki kabilenin slmiyeti kabul etmesiydi.
  • Bylesi bir toplantda bulunmay bir aile borcu kabul etmiti.
  • It joins the Kabul River a few miles below the city of Kabul.
  • I modified the Kabul city and Kabul province's population figures.
  • The plane was diverting to Lahore due to weather condition at Kabul.
  • Again, you are confused between the city of Kabul and Kabul Province.
  • December 16th, 2008 at 6: 52 am disclaimer: i live and work in kabul.
  • Bu iki byk reisin slm'a girmesiyle slm, Medine'de bir hayli kabul grd.
  • Please try to understand between the city of Kabul and the Province of Kabul.
  • • Plaça Reial 17, +34 93 318 5190, kabul.es, shared dorm rooms from €20pp, including breakfast
  • Ona bey'atla insanlarn krmzsna ve siyahna, yani Arap ve Arap olmayana kar savaa hazr olmay kabul etmi oluyorsunuz.
  • Paul Lockhart right between kabul and chariker (in the parvan province) about 25 clicks from the bagram airbase ...
  • I asked the reason and one answered people who [got elected] went to kabul and did not use the funds for district and stole it should be made accountable.
  • He didn't know how many international staff were living there. about 45 minutes ago, there were several mortar rounds that landed in the vicinity of the serena hotel in central kabul which isn't far from where i'm sitting here in the office ... we had to go to the safe room for a while but evidently things have quieted down and i'm now back at my desk ...

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