IPA: kˈɑfkʌ

Root Word: Kafka


  • A surname from German.
  • Franz Kafka (1883–1924), a German-language writer from Prague.

Examples of "kafka" in Sentences

  • The photo in the Kafka info box is terrible.
  • Please don't ask what nationality Kafka was.
  • Among the writings was a short story by Kafka.
  • What happened to cutting the military?! kafka Says:
  • A list of critical and biographical essays on Kafka.
  • Enter the email folder and use the password "kafka".
  • Those depend on who you fight and where. kafka says:
  • Sadly, we still have to explain it to people. kafka says:
  • This refers to the novel The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.
  • But that would be a subject for a different post. kafka says:
  • Nobody actually finds this surprising anymore, do they? kafka says:
  • Both you and Kafka Liz are welcome to participate in the discussion.
  • The fact remains that Kafka intentionally left the option up to the reader.
  • To say this might sound weird after the century of Rilke, Kafka, and Eliot.
  • The storyline in Bad Mojo is loosely based on Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis.
  • That is how I think that we can push the elephant off the see-saw. kafka Says:
  • Franz Kafka is the writer whose work is most associated with the theme of angst.
  • The only people more idiotic than goldbugs are the people that take Cato seriously. kafka says:
  • The disadvantages to the American lower class certainly outweigh the benefits of affluent college grads getting better ethnic food and cheaper nannies. kafka says:
  • Haven't blogged in a while, so going to shake the rust out of the engine with a little dark humor (side note: when I joined Salon back in the day, I named our first server "kafka").

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