IPA: kˈɑɫˈuʌ

Root Word: Kahlua


  • Alternative form of Kahlúa [A brand of heavy, sweet, coffee flavored liqueur made in Mexico; a variety or serving of this drink.]

Examples of "kahlua" in Sentences

  • Also chocolate, kahlua … pretty much all cheesecake.
  • A screaming orgasm is made with kahlua, amaretto, vodka, and Irish Cream.
  • May 27, 2009 at 5:19 am has kahlua an dark choclit and coffeh an a decadent choclit frosting here has sum skwirrlgrrl says:
  • And yes, I'm sure it's a Gemini trait and not aging...and has nothing to do with an occasional tot of kahlua in the coffee either.
  • Other planned menu items: A kalbi taco, a spicy pork taco, braised tofu, and “Aloha Sliders” of kahlua pig on Hawaiian sweet rolls.
  • Hmm, cupcake right now is chocolate with caramel and coffee kahlua buttercream : Thanks for holding this giveaway. lmsmiley@surewest.net
  • Grace said ... eh, so it wasn't perfect on the outside. that wouldn't have stopped me for a nanosecond -- it sounds delicious, especially with the undertone of kahlua.
  • Recently embarking on an evening of cocktails with my similarly-aged peers downing rounds of French Kisses (a mix of finlandia, chamboard and pineapple Juice), Prom Nights (watermelon pucker, stoli strawberry and triple sec), and Decadence (white godiva, kahlua, bailey's, and crème de cocoa), it suddenly became apparent that our lives had become as complex as the intricate mixtures we were consuming.

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