IPA: kˈɑn

Root Word: Kahn


  • A surname from German.

Examples of "kahn" in Sentences

  • Kahn was made captain for that game.
  • Kahn received a masters in mathematics.
  • Kahn's name is a play on Laotian words.
  • Kahn is the German word for a small boat.
  • Sheldon Kahn is a film editor and producer.
  • This article is glowing with praise for Kahn.
  • Kahn is described as being very old and wizened.
  • Kahn is a founding editor of the Cryptologia journal.
  • Kahn decided to stay on as a backup for the competition.
  • Oliver Kahn, the Bayern goalkeeper, was motionless on the line.
  • How's that angling for a VP offer from McCain going Joe? rajah kahn
  • - Cane (n.f.) et canne (n.f.) (female duck and cane) pronounced "kahn"
  • Michael dude no kung lao?!?! wth replace him with shao kahn orange cinema
  • Rachel, Obama isn't the only person who has "dissed" Bush & rightfully so! rajah kahn
  • Bill and Hillary can retire in Puerto Rico, there's lots of Spanish babes there for Bill ... rajah kahn
  • I believe a vote for Obama is a vote for the crazy apparatus that robbed my state of the votes it was due this primary season. rajah kahn
  • After her pandering BS, crocodile tears, whining about the media (actually Bill is equally responsible for that one), and overall disgraceful and fiscally irresponsible way she has run her campaign, Hell will be a mighty frosty place before a woman will be a viable presidential candidate in this nation again. rajah kahn
  • You know directors rarely cut their own trailers, right? sk so? a crap movie is a crap movie & trailers for crap movies by crap directors usually suck too. breck eisner is a hack. even walter f'in murch & michael kahn combined couldnt make a decent trailer out the brown stuff eisner poops out. sk you're kidding right? you're actually defending breck eisner. my lord what has happened to america... dogless

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