IPA: kˈaɪzɝ

Root Word: Kaiser


  • An emperor of a German-speaking country, particularly the Holy Roman Empire (962–1806), the Austrian Empire (1806–1918), or the German Empire (1871–1918) — often specifically Wilhelm II.
  • (by extension) Any emperor or autocrat, or one who attempts to be one.
  • A Kaiser roll.
  • A surname.
  • Alternative form of Kaiser. [An emperor of a German-speaking country, particularly the Holy Roman Empire (962–1806), the Austrian Empire (1806–1918), or the German Empire (1871–1918) — often specifically Wilhelm II.]

Examples of "kaiser" in Sentences

  • The Kaiser fled to the Netherlands.
  • But it's about as metal as Kaiser Chiefs.
  • They all toast the burying of the Kaiser.
  • But the demonstration for the kaiser was his moment.
  • However, the government of the Kaiser did not relent.
  • Tjaden speaks familiarly about himself and the Kaiser.
  • The most suitable personage would be the German Kaiser.
  • The Kaiser tried to appease the strikers in his Easter address of 7 April.
  • The Kaiser, of course, was full of bluster, in his internal communications.
  • Kaiser but only saw photographs, concluded that Kaiser had committed suicide.
  • The valley is the departure point for mountain climbing in the Eastern Kaiser.
  • This bar's unique cheesesteak on a kaiser is the best reason I can think of to get over your fear of Camden.
  • Of all the prerogatives enjoyed by Queen Victoria, the one, however, of which the kaiser is the most envious is her supremacy of the state Church of England.
  • Anonymous said ... who had the bright idea of go through the effort of putting holes in kaiser buns when it is probably only marginaly more expensive to just buy bagels and a lot less work?
  • An effigy of the kaiser is washed down Wall Street with a fire hose; confetti pours down; 800 Barnard girls snake-dance on Morningside Heights, and a coffin made of soapboxes is paraded down Madison, with the kaiser symbolically resting in pieces within.
  • Another intimate friend of the kaiser, who possesses much the same talents de societe as Baron Kiderlen-Waechter, and whose position in the high favor of the kaiser has been a subject of much unfavorable comment, and even of open abuse in Berlin, is Baron Holstein, popularly known as the “Austern-Freund” or “Oyster-Friend,” owing to his altogether phenomenal capacity for the absorption of bivalves, and his strongly developed fondness for good cheer!
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