IPA: kæɫʌmʌzˈu

Root Word: Kalamazoo


  • A city, the county seat of Kalamazoo County, Michigan, United States.
  • (rail transport, Australia) A pump trolley.

Examples of "kalamazoo" in Sentences

  • Kalamazoo is about ten miles south.
  • Cooney has large popularity in Kalamazoo.
  • It was the first public high school in Kalamazoo.
  • Parchment is just north of the city of Kalamazoo.
  • Members must be residents of the city of Kalamazoo.
  • She was apparently a person of interest in Kalamazoo.
  • He found the site at the forks of the Kalamazoo River.
  • Homer Stryker, a Kalamazoo, Michigan based orthopedist.
  • Kalamazoo is located on the southwestern side of Michigan.
  • Portage is adjacent to the southern boundary of the City of Kalamazoo.
  • But I've been enjoying those random conversations recently in places like west virginia and kalamazoo.
  • Where were you born? akron. i'm jealous of my sister, gets to be born somwhere cool sounding like kalamazoo ...
  • I am looking more at Battle Creek/kalamazoo though, lots of family there and love the idea of living in a smaller to medium sized city.
  • | Reply | Permalink but everyone you know in michigan are aged kalamazoo hippie liberals with greying punk rock hair cuts. so the sample size ain't all it could be.
  • I chose my bernina initially for this because if it goes down, I don't want to have to wait an extra 2 weeks to get it back because it has to be shipped to kalamazoo!
  • And my graduation was in the General Assembly of the UN, which may have been even cooler, since I don't remember a thing that Zakaria said. kalamazoo gazette report - the ceremony will be held in wings stadium, a hockey rink
  • I imagine that Obama might be more memorable, but I also imagine that he won't tell the stories about his days as a vagabond magician, buying roach clips, and smoking weed after he finished high school ... kalamazoo gazette report - the ceremony will be held in wings stadium, a hockey rink
  • Speaking as one (kalamazoo, mich., in the hizzy), I bothered to vote uncommitted because the message had gone out that if there was a chance that Mich. delegates were seated, then those delegates would likely go toward Obama or Edwards (the two remaining majors who's name wasn't on the ballot).
  • Give me less ? katiehukill robert pattinson deserves to be paid 20 million dollars because he's soooo hot!!!!!! i'm IN LOVE with edward!!!!! if he were real, he would be the best husbend EVER!!!!!! pepe you a ass that dude edward is gay/you should check me out ... kalamazoo yeah and guess who pays their salaries?

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