IPA: kʌɫˈæʃnɪkɑf

Root Word: Kalashnikov


  • A particular model of Russian assault rifle.
  • A transliteration of the Russian surname Кала́шников (Kalášnikov).

Examples of "kalashnikov" in Sentences

  • The Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov.
  • Is the place of birth of Mikhail Kalashnikov.
  • The AKP is a pistol variant of the Kalashnikov.
  • Innovations required on the Kalashnikov platform.
  • I pointed out that you had discredited Kalashnikov.
  • List of weapons influenced by the Kalashnikov design.
  • During this time Kalashnikov began designing a submachine gun.
  • Nur acknowledged that he was familiar with the use of the Kalashnikov.
  • He acknowledged that he received training on the Kalashnikov and exercise.
  • The commander often taught the basic use of the Kalashnikov on the premises.
  • They should rather, kalashnikov in hand, fight for the honour of their women, or?
  • We have just passed a group of about 15 men in flowing white djellabas, or robes, carrying kalashnikov rifles.
  • In the civil war after the Soviet withdrawal in 1989, any thug with a tank or kalashnikov could rule a town or neighborhood.
  • Given that anyone with a kalashnikov or a molotov cocktail is an asset in urban fighting, why has Hamas recruited only 1% of the population?
  • Certainly it has had its impact, but it is only technology, and one might as well describe the ubiquitous kalashnikov as a more effective leveller in the world of globalization.
  • Iow, you're not merely throwing out the baby with the bath water, you're unloading a few rounds from your kalashnikov into the baby and then spitting disdainfully into what remains.
  • The idea that seven Islamic thugs replete in camo gear, kalashnikov rifles, and facemasks, would sit down civilly to watch President Barack Obama make a speech about western relations with Islam, seems preposterous.
  • I have to tell I had a very fearful experience when I was accosted in the early hours of a very dark night, by two kalashnikov carrying Palestinians on guard duty outside the Bourg al-Barajineh refugee camp in Beirut.

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