IPA: kʌɫˈɪnɪn

Root Word: Kalinin


  • (historical) Tver, Russia (Тверь).
  • A surname from Russian, borne for example by Mikhail Kalinin (a Russian revolutionary).

Examples of "kalinin" in Sentences

  • Kalinin was the first major city in Europe to be liberated from the ehrmacht.
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  • Posted this on the last article and I wanna see what people think …. and I'm not gonna say Roszival has been good this year because he certainly hasnt been … but I also think that he hasnt been as bad as people make him out to be …. .every time the guy makes a mistake, kalinin is off somewhere doing god knows what and never bails him out, usually makesthings worse like he did on the sceond goal tonight, if rozy was playin with staal i think his season would be looking a lot different right now, sometimes on d your partner has gotta bail you out and make a play and kalinin hasnt done sh't all year

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