IPA: kˈæɫki

Root Word: Kalki


  • (Hinduism) The tenth avatar of Vishnu.

Examples of "kalki" in Sentences

  • Yet it says this in the Kalki article.
  • Kalki will appear at the end of the Kalyuga.
  • Kalki portrays him as a connoisseur of arts.
  • Please discuss on the Kalki talk page or this page.
  • Please refrain from reverting changes to the Kalki page.
  • But can be accept him as Kalki or the tenth Avatar of Vishnu.
  • Kali also serves as an antagonistic force in the Kalki Purana.
  • Please provide a citation for the book reference on the Kalki page.
  • But today most of the followers of Ayyavazhi advocate Vaikundar as Kalki.
  • What do you think about kalki Krishnamoorthy's "Ponniyin Selvan"? en Español

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