IPA: kʌɫˈugʌ

Root Word: Kaluga


  • An oblast of Russia.
  • A city, the administrative center of Kaluga Oblast, Russia.

Examples of "kaluga" in Sentences

  • Kaluga and Tula Oblasts border it in the north.
  • Its administrative center is the city of Kaluga.
  • The army pitched camp in a village of Tarutino near Kaluga.
  • Thanks for starting to work on the districts of Kaluga Oblast.
  • In 1995 she graduated from Kaluga aeronautical technical school.
  • It is located at the historical region of the former Kaluga Governorate.
  • Hospital construction continued on Kaluga Road throughout the next century.
  • The re entry capsule is now on display at the Tsiolkovsky Museum in Kaluga.
  • He also sent a copy of his published work to the Tsiolkovsky museum in Kaluga.
  • Derivation: From the Aleut word kolosh, or more properly, kaluga, meaning “dish,” the allusion being to the dish-shaped lip ornaments.
  • Upon the continent, the kaluga is worn still larger; and the female who can cover her whole face with her under-lip passes for the most perfect beauty.
  • Among the marine species are kaluga Huso dauricus, green sturgeon Acipenser medirostris, and walleye pollack Theragra chalcogramma, a main food of the sea lion. 70% of these fish are northern, but 14% are also southern species, mostly in the warmer upper layer of the sea.
  • At length a sort of double button, of an oval form, called a kaluga, which, among the people of rank, is often four inches long, and three broad, is forced in so as to make the under lip stand forward thus much in a horizontal direction, and leave the lower teeth quite bare.

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