IPA: kˈaʊpɛkteɪt

Root Word: Kaopectate


  • an orally taken medication from Arcadia Consumer Healthcare for the treatment of mild diarrhea.

Examples of "kaopectate" in Sentences

  • And I've learned to say kaopectate (ph) in seven languages.
  • January 10, 2008 at 5:30 am mebbe hims shud trai sum kaopectate…
  • The active ingredient in Kaopectate has changed since its original creation.
  • EMS for something frivilous, that could be resolved by a bandaid, kaopectate or even cold/flu meds ...
  • Essentially, it absorbs everything in your stomach and takes it out of your system, much better than kaopectate, which keeps it all in.
  • Use of kaopectate suspension for limiting the contractions of a intraocular purchase cheap propecia may rupture a doubtful sample broken reye syndrome.
  • Opium is thereby reamed with malignant anti-diarrhea tetrahydro supernatant as synonym and printable (kaopectate)., cyclobenzaprine, phenothiazines), metastatic steroids, and/or any that can arrive the pyridoxine threshold (e.

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