IPA: ɫʃˈeɪpt

Root Word: L-shaped


  • Shaped like the letter L or its mirror image

Examples of "l-shaped" in Sentences

  • Setting: Cavernous l-shaped dining room and counter
  • I sat down in the dark red, leather, l-shaped seat in front of the cheap television.
  • I expect a v-shaped recovery - not a u - or l-shaped recovery or a long drawn out recession.
  • Do you see this l-shaped or hook-shaped recovery where we never really get back to where it was before?
  • There's no need to buy a cumbersome l-shaped or u-shaped desk if you're using the spare room for your office.
  • There we sat, myself and I, at a small folding table in the middle of the lab beside the main, l-shaped workbench.
  • I recently bought a house, and the living room, dining room, and kitchen are one big l-shaped room with very little to separate them..especially because the same flooring is used throughout.
  • It's a little canister in an l-shaped delivery spray thingie, like all the asthmatics I went to school had, either secretly or openly depending on social requirements at the time get off dusting or hoovering the classroom - wave inhaler.

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