IPA: ɫˈeɪbaʊraɪt

Root Word: Labourite


  • (UK politics) a member or supporter of the British Labour Party, the left wing party of Great Britain
  • Misspelling of Laborite. (Australian political party member, Labor Party) [(Australian politics) a member or supporter of the Australian Labor Party, the left wing party of Australia]

Examples of "labourite" in Sentences

  • Now she is just another self opinionated, self serving labourite...
  • Listen to his description of labourite Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald in 1931.
  • As an ex labourite smoker I have now found a new party to vote for, it's a pity we can't split Nige in two.
  • Ed Miliband on the other hand is a career labourite and son of the eminent neo-Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband.
  • Nothing makes a loyal labourite drool more than the prospect of getting hold of your children, tagging them, brainwashing them, fingerprinting them and adding them to a database.
  • - making up the 'social liberals' section of the party, and had already been partially successful in shifting the ideological nature of the party away from a simple labourite stance.
  • Although Jim Anderton was not initially in tune with this development and its consequences for the NLP, others in the labourite group and even in the radical left, like Bruce Jesson, were.
  • A few years ago when under a different government, we heard the shrill voices of many JLP supporters talking about Tivoli being a nice place and was only under attack because it was a labourite enclave.
  • But it was really commendable and very good public relations to see the PNP and its new candidate coming out with such spunk and showing such a positive front when, with some justification, he is simply viewed by Vaz as a 'redundant labourite'.
  • Surely they follow Dave's inspiration, this is for all labourite tribalists, big society never was an improvised, pathetic project to buy votes, neither a surreal or out of touch idea to replace welfare system with private companies and involve useless neighbor management while paying debt from Tatcherite economy derailment.

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