IPA: ˈɛmwˈʌn

Root Word: M1


  • (US, money supply) The amount of cash in circulation plus the amount in bank accounts.
  • (mathematics) The number two, as the first Mersenne prime.
  • (computing) A system on a chip designed by Apple which was introduced in 2020.
  • (road transport) A motorway number; notably the M1 Motorway in England.
  • (firearms) A semi-automatic rifle that was the service rifle of the U.S. Army during World War II and the Korean War.


IPA: m

Root Word: M-1


  • The Garand semiautomatic rifle, also named the United States Rifle, Caliber .30, M1.

Examples of "m1" in Sentences

  • M1 and M2 are slightly different.
  • It is the terminus of the M1 line.
  • It is very close to the M1 motorway.
  • And the M1 Garand as a ceremonial rifle.
  • In the distance the M1 motorway is visible.
  • M1 puts out an M1 sized gravitational field.
  • The basic version of the pistol is the SP22 M1.
  • Slightly to the east of the ward is the M1 motorway.
  • The primary weapon of the armored infantryman was the M1 Garand rifle.
  • The route remains in use as a cycleway, passing under the M1 in a tunnel M1.
  • Yes | No | Report from J4huntfish wrote 1 day 6 hours ago m1 garand and colt 1911 hangun
  • For instance, try to add the line: override = [ 'm1', 'spam', 'ham'] in the definition of
  • Ar's are great rifles weather you hunt, plink, or defend with them, so was the m1 Garand, the k98 Mauser, and countless others.
  • Yes | No | Report from hogh8er wrote 8 weeks 4 days ago m1 socom16 loaded with Barnes x bullets and a glock 10mm on my hip works for me.
  • I have the following program in which a base class one and a derived class two, share the same method name m1 but differ in their arguments.

Examples of "m-1" in Sentences

  • Peeples-Rhoden Funeral home from 10 a. m-1 p.m. Saturday.
  • Position is for 20 hrs. per week (part-time) 9: 00a. m-1: 00p. m.
  • The first paved roads were built by the romans a full 2000 years before m-1″.
  • BTW, the conversion factor to convert the kcal m-1 hr-1 deg -1 to W m-1 K-1 is 1.162
  • Rock Temperature Conductivity Heat Capacity deg C kcal m-1 hr-1 deg -1 cal g-1 deg -1
  • Wood species concerned taper reduction of the trunk diameter by 1 cm · m-1 lower wood yield
  • Switching over at 10: 30 p. m-1 a.m., watch the U.S. men's curling team meet China on the ice.
  • Note that the effect of this definition is to fix the magnetic constant (permeability of vacuum) at exactly 4 x 10-7 H · m-1.
  • Then every boy will pair m-1 times, of which (m-1)/4 times he will be in the middle of a triplet and (m-1)/2 times on the outside.
  • In Systeme Internationale (SI) units, the fundamental unit of pressure is the Pascal (Pa; kg m-1 s-2), defined as 1 Newton (kg m s-2) per square meter.

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