IPA: ˈɛmˈeɪθˈɪri

Root Word: M-theory


  • (physics) A generalized theory of eleven-dimensional supergravity that attempts to unify the five superstring theories

Examples of "mtheory" in Sentences

    Examples of "m-theory" in Sentences

    • They also use parts of string theory/m-theory, which suggests there are 11 dimensions, including height, width, length and time.
    • In other words we can predict a higgs field, gravitons, dark energy or strings & m-theory, but we expect to be able to prove conclusively at some stage whether they exist or not.
    • We have relativity and quantum mechanics, some theories which have made steps in showing how they can be reconciled, alethic morphologies like string theory and m-theory which are hotly disputed.
    • It showed in one fell swoop that all of these other string theories were actually special cases of the more general m-theory case – essentially different manifestations of a more complete theory.
    • Other side effects of m-theory seems to be an infinity (?) of possible multiverses each with a big bang and extremely exotic possible (or do I mean probable?) interconnectivity - absolutely terrible to get your head round!
    • Bell's theorem, that you refer to, was produced by a man who realized that it was Einstein who proposed a scientific definition of reality and who suggested a possible way to test it (albeit one that, like superstrings or m-theory does not yet seem amenable to testing.)

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