IPA: ˈɛmθrˈi

Root Word: M3


  • (US) The amount of cash, all bank accounts, etc., plus foreign currency in circulation.
  • (music) major third
  • an ISO metric screw thread size for screws with a nominal outer diameter of 3 millimetres
  • a compact executive car model manufactured by BMW

Examples of "m3" in Sentences

  • The M3 was the interim solution.
  • The line will operate as M3 and M4.
  • The M3 is probably not a sports car.
  • Can be reached by car on highway M3.
  • Sorry for the M3 submachine gun thing.
  • All M3 and M4 stations will be underground.
  • On the west it is bounded by the M3 freeway.
  • Modern bucket capacities range from 8 m3 to nearly 80 m3.
  • At the core of the M3 issue is the issue of interoperability.
  • The M3 high performance variant of the convertible debuted in 2008.
  • You can return the favor by debating middle (and even first) names for m3 this weekend.
  • El 13-8-08, la concentración del bioxido de azufre (SO2) llegó a su record histórico: 27,000mg/m3; máximo permitido 13 mg/m3 (CDC 2005).
  • Table 4.1 | Water resources stresses of selected river basins in South Asia 1,329 m3, which is lowest among the three selected basins (Table 4.1 and Figure 4.1).
  • I have a mission m3, and i am very satisfied with it. not as expensive as those higher brand name bows either. but like Big O said, it all comes down to personal preference.
  • Almost no one knows how many sq ft are in an acre or how many acres are in a sq mile, but it is pretty easy to figure out how many m3 are in a km3, or m3 in a dm3. fostert Says:
  • Eleven of the measurements (5. 5%) revealed levels of particulates of more than 25. 0μg/m3, which is the limit recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for external air quality.
  • The World Health Organization estimates that, globally, 1.1 billion people lack access to clean water supplies, and that 2.4 billion lack access to basic sanitation. 1,000 m3 is the per capita annual amount of water deemed necessary to satisfy basic human needs.
  • From the very start, Ethiopia's Gibe III mega-dam (height of 240m, a 151 km reservoir, and a storage capacity of 11.75 billion m3), was marked by the sort of clumsy corruption and irregularities that could only be realised in the worst B Grade movies - think rotten actors, and terrible scripts, catering to unbelievable plots.

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