IPA: mˈɑ

Root Word: MA


  • Postal abbreviation of Massachusetts, a state of the United States of America.
  • Maluku, a province of Indonesia.
  • Maranhão, a state of Brazil.
  • (colloquial, and in direct address) mother, mama
  • (colloquial) The landlady of a theater.
  • May
  • A common surname from Chinese of East Asian derivation.
  • A language spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Initialism of Master of Arts. [A postgraduate degree usually in a non-science subject.]
  • (US, television) Initialism of mature audience, a television rating.
  • (US, military) Initialism of master-at-arms; also MAA. [(UK, Navy) A warrant officer or chief petty officer responsible for discipline aboard a naval ship.]
  • (astronomy, usually in the plural) Abbreviation of milli-arcsecond.
  • Abbreviation of May.


  • (statistics) Initialism of moving average.

Examples of "ma" in Sentences

  • The car is bleeding antifreeze, Ma.
  • Ma ai means Ma means space and time.
  • Cheryl loves to splurge on X mas gift.
  • Ah hey ma ma ma Life in a northern town.
  • Madam Ma is now the first lady of the Republic of China.
  • The two bridges are connected over Ma an by Ma an Viaduct.
  • "_C'est drole! c'est ma maison_ -- _ma maison veritable_!"
  • Lots of calm ma for Cindy and screening ma for Christopher.
  • It is believed that de Mas used a daguerreotype camera in 1841.
  • African masks are also used in the Mas or Masquerade of the Caribbean Carnival.
  • Just 10 kilometers away from the central area of Buon Ma Thuot City is located a grandiose primeval forest.
  • Napoli e Maradona = un amore infinito! ma c'amma fa cu stu S. Paolo..foss S. quanto vorrei che il mio stadio s chiammass
  • And, in fact, out in California, a lot of the women I spoke to out there seem to have, you know, a particular antipathy towards the term ma'am.
  • Because sao cook has the same pronunciation as the word for an older woman, when Chinese hear the term "ma da sao," they usually picture a housewife.
  • Guillemette, Chienne de ma Soeur_; but having a quarrel with his sister, he maliciously put into the _errata_, "Instead of _Chienne de ma Soeur_, read _ma Chienne de Soeur_."
  • Egyptian government was highly centralized and society strictly hierarchical: proper order in the kingdom, expressed by the term ma ` at, was thought to ensure national well-being.
  • _Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma_, the Chinese stammeringly say, and if the pitch and tone of each _ma_ are right, the meaning of the apparent repetition is, "Does Mother scold the horses, or will the horses scold Mother?"
  • Was it not Scarron who wrote a poem, 'A Guillemette, chienne de ma soeur, 'but quarrelling with his sister just as the volume was about to appear, put in the _errata_,' For _chienne de ma soeur_ read _ma chienne de soeur_ '!
  • a resemblance to each other, and then also commences for them that annoyance to which so many English children have been subjected, from generation to generation down to our time: the difficulty of knowing when to say _mon_ and _ma_ -- "kaunt dewunt dire moun et ma" -- that is how to distinguish the genders.

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