IPA: mˈeɪɫɑks

Root Word: Maalox


  • a brand of antacid owned by Sanofi.

Examples of "maalox" in Sentences

  • Oh, and do you have your maalox moments when your daughter brings home a boy?
  • "johnny ..." "and take a maalox. like i said, you don't want an upset stomach."
  • Elections are getting dangerously close and Happy Guy is having a maalox moment.
  • August 7th, 2008 The English and maalox Building on the Sibutramine of Iowa campus.
  • His grimacing convict in Great Expectations seemed less in need of food and shelter than of a swig of Maalox.
  • Our ped recommended a mix of maalox and benadryl swabbed around the mouth, followed by a small dose of benedryl.
  • One I use a lot for really bad cases is a mixture of Benedryl liquid, viscous xylocaine, and maalox, all mixed together.
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