IPA: mʌkˈaʊ

Root Word: Macao


  • Alternative spelling of Macau [A Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China just west of Hong Kong, previously under Portuguese control.]

Examples of "macao" in Sentences

  • I am a chinese who come from Macao.
  • I moved this page back to Miss Macao.
  • His brother would die in Macao in 1821.
  • Please, keep Macao debate in the section above.
  • It has nothing to do with Macao or Hong Kong either.
  • Refer to the above statement of the Basic Law of Macao.
  • But I'm pretty sure Macao is not the only case on the list.
  • Macao was given to the Portuguese for a specific period of time.
  • Bavaro is ending on the crossroad to Macao, where the Hotel RIU is located.
  • And in 1557 Portuguese merchants established a colony on the island of Macao.
  • Scarlet and great green macaws (Ara macao, A. ambigua) nest in the lowland forests.
  • It is de rigueur, my dear; and they play billiards as they used to play macao and hazard in
  • According to Renton, six species of macaw occur in the lowland forest, Ara ararauna, A. chloroptera, A. macao, A. severa, and A. manilata.
  • The island is also a refuge for birds which have almost disappeared from mainland Panama such as the crested eagle Morphnus guianensis and the scarlet macaw Ara macao.
  • Birds that may visit mangrove communities include Amazona autumnalis, scarlet macaw (Ara macao), green macaw (Ara ambigua), military macaw (A. militaris), snowy cotinga (Carpodectes nitidus), and several parrots, parakeets, and hummingbirds.
  • The powerful eagles Spizaetus tyrannus, Morphnus guianensis and Harpia harpyja, the critically endangered blue knobbed curassow Crax alberti, six species of macaws Ara ambigua, A. militaris, A. ararauna, A. macao, A. chloroptera, and A. severa, among others.
  • Over 375 birds have been recorded, notable species being king vulture Sarcoramphus papa, harpy eagle Harpia harpyia (LR), great curassow Crax rubra, crested guan Penelope purpurescens, scarlet macaw Ara macao, green macaw A. ambigua and military macaw A. militaris.
  • Bird species of the area listed as vulnerable are: sharp-tailed ibis (Cerbibis oxycerca) whose distribution is restricted to the llanos and is the most scarce ibis species found in Colombia and Venezuela; and the scarlet macaw (Ara macao), the macaw most used as a pet.
  • The avifauna comprises 333 species, representing 63 of the 74 families in Guatemala, and includes ocellated turkey Agriocharis ocellata (LR), Sarcorhamphus papa, Crax rubra, Penelope purpurascens, red macaw Ara macao, jaribu stork Jaribu mycteria and many others, including crested eagle Spizaetus ornatus.
  • The CSNR is known to contain more than 400 of Suriname's known bird species, including Scarlet, Red-and-Green and Blue-and-Gold Macaws, (Ara macao, Ara chloroptera, Ara ararauna); Great Tinamou (Tinamus major), Black Curassow (Crax alector) the Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock (Rupicola rupicola) and the Harpy Eagle.

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