IPA: mʌkˈɔɫi

Root Word: Macaulay


  • A surname from Scottish Gaelic of Gaelic origin.
  • A surname.

Examples of "macaulay" in Sentences

  • Macaulay computer algebra system.
  • This has nothing to do with Macaulay.
  • Macaulay referred to The apathy of despair.
  • Macaulay, who worked in elimination theory.
  • And Macaulay is no exception in this matter.
  • We are 'still' shaking off the hangover of Macaulay.
  • Herbert Macaulay was an unlikely champion of the masses.
  • Macaulay ended second in the Yorkshire bowling averages.
  • The Macaulay Bracket are used in mathematical expression.
  • Macaulay is the author of several books on architecture and design.
  • Borrow it from the library. fireplace As you can imagine, I get this a lot. reaction paper of my girl movie by macaulay culkin Ah, the old "i want someone to do my homework for me" search.
  • Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies Part 9 this is part 9 of 11 of our collection of MJ's private home movies. featuring elizabeth taylor, macaulay caulkin, and john landis. lots of funny moments!
  • The macaulay institute is truthfully begun for its long state park thousand island into landscape, soil, pace conservation and liking change - and is the largest interdisciplinary phonebook organisation of its representative in europe.

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