IPA: mʌkbˈɛθ

Root Word: Macbeth


  • A William Shakespeare play, about the Scottish royal family.
  • The eponymous main character of William Shakespeare's play.
  • An 11th-century king of Scotland.
  • A surname.

Examples of "macbeth" in Sentences

  • The MacBeth example is instructive.
  • MacBeth was elected on the first ballot.
  • That was a wonderful quote from macbeth.
  • For example, the three witches of MacBeth.
  • Macbeth escapes detection but not suspicion.
  • Shakespeare's Macbeth is a classic example of this.
  • But at that moment Demona and then Macbeth rose again.
  • It pretty much covers macbeth study note related stuff.
  • Carlton MacBeth is the main proponent of the pucker embouchure.
  • As Lady macbeth said on hearing the news "Duncan the King is slain!"
  • The brief scene underscores the depravity into which Macbeth has fallen.
  • Someone doesn't even have to write about Macbeth for Macbeth to be notable.
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  • = P learnin lines in drama too, * sigh* i really hate shakespeare! im lady macbeth. im a nutter.
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  • Reply: probably because there is more than one "macbeth" out there but you could actually read the whole transcript (posted here) as opposed to being dubious over a few words ...
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