IPA: mækʌdˈoʊn

Root Word: Macedon


  • Ancient Macedonia.

Examples of "macedon" in Sentences

  • And the Macedon article as well.
  • This exactly the case with Macedon.
  • Points about ethnicity go on Macedon.
  • Hesiod has nice stuff on Macedon too.
  • Grabos then became a subject ally of Macedon.
  • Macedon does not exist as such in the history.
  • As for a list of gods, that would go on Macedon.
  • In the end of the journey, she moved to Macedon.
  • Articles relating to the ancient kingdom of Macedon.
  • Not to the ancient Macedonians and not to ancient Macedon.
  • This is Part 1 to my New Campaign Chronicle, If you havnt noticed im playing as macedon: P What happens this part?
  • In the center was the knuckle bone of a macedon with a nice dish shaped top this was filled with oil, a string was laid in this; and one end lighted this was their only light.
  • Papilios, miletus and telephus, the superb golden green P. macedon, and the rare little swallow-tail Papilio rhesus, of all of which, though very active, I succeeded in capturing fine series of specimens.

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