IPA: mæsʌdˈoʊniʌ

Root Word: Macedonia


  • An ancient Greek kingdom, located to the north of Thessaly, comprising the Greek city of Thessaloniki and its surroundings.
  • The largest and second-most populous region of Greece, comprising the regions of West Macedonia, Central Macedonia and the East Macedonia part of the region of East Macedonia and Thrace.
  • North Macedonia, a country in Southeastern Europe, or one of its predecessor incarnations, such as the Socialist Republic of Macedonia in Yugoslavia.
  • A geographical region which includes the Republic of North Macedonia, the Greek region of Macedonia, the Pirin region of Bulgaria, and small parts of Albania and Serbia.
  • The part of that region which is in south-western Bulgaria. (Also called Pirin Macedonia or Bulgarian Macedonia.)
  • (cooking) Alternative form of macédoine [(cooking) A type of dish containing a mixture of many types of fruits, or many types of vegetables.]

Examples of "macedonia" in Sentences

  • Macedonia was only the henchman of the great powers.
  • Macedonia and Republic of Macedonia are the same thing.
  • No one is trying to monopolize the Bible name of Macedonia.
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  • Please don't rename links to Republic of Macedonia to Macedonia.
  • Review of the ethnographic cartography of Macedonia by Wilkinson.
  • In fact, the settlements changed the whole demography of Macedonia.
  • Governments and parties labour rights macedonia children revolution
  • Afghanistan growth parties macedonia migration intelligence industry
  • Life blogging macedonia candidate christian democrats muslim members
  • The EU must also stop interfering in the internal affairs of Macedonia.
  • Curiously the text of the article at Macedonia does not need protection.
  • Macedonia is a region and Republic of Macedonia is a part of the region.
  • Terrorism turkish macedonia western muslim police europe structural change
  • Economics: Currencies industry bulgaria africa structural president macedonia
  • It just appears to be a windup as part of the ongoing disspute over Macedonia.
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  • Austria the Bush administration voting member states bulgaria parliament nuclear macedonia yanukovich moldova
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