IPA: mʌgrˈɛgɝ

Root Word: MacGregor


  • (countable) A surname.
  • A community in Manitoba, Canada.
  • A surname, alternative letter-case form of MacGregor
  • A suburb of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, named after William MacGregor.

Examples of "macgregor" in Sentences

  • The MacGregors burnt the castle in 1603.
  • MacGregor falls to the water and escapes.
  • MacGregor denies that he meant any such thing.
  • MacGregor raised a flag with a green cross on it.
  • Macgregor has a primary school and neighbourhood oval.
  • Macgregor Laird took personal charge of the expedition.
  • This time he was in the guise of farmhand John MacGregor.
  • MacGregor was a contractor and horticulturalist by profession.
  • Macgregor gives a description and illustration of the first 'Transit'.
  • Scotty macgregor - A Message from Santa Claus - 78RPM cardboard record
  • MacGregor was remorseless in his programme of plant closures and redundancies.
  • June 26, 2008 at 11:00 AM omg, people didnt know moulin rouge? everyone needs to go watch that liiiiike... now. ewan macgregor, hello hottness!
  • I always thought that Beatrix Potter would be very dull, but my daughter has been banging on about farmer macgregor et les haricots ever since.
  • A Windsor/Detroit radio broadcaster named Byron macgregor recorded and released an unauthorized version of the piece which hit the record stores before Sinclair's official version; an infringement suit was avoided when macgregor agreed to donate his profits to the Red Cross as well.

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