IPA: mʌgˈʌfɪn

Root Word: MacGuffin


  • (narratology) A plot element or other device used to catch the audience's attention and maintain suspense, but whose exact nature has fairly little influence over the storyline.

Examples of "macguffin" in Sentences

  • The MacGuffin is the identity of that person.
  • There is no reason to call the money a MacGuffin.
  • The 'Allspark' is a textbook example of a Macguffin.
  • Almost everything in every movie would be a MacGuffin.
  • Any reasonable critic would see it as a simple MacGuffin.
  • One might say that is the archetypal macguffin in the fantasy genre.
  • An example of an algorithm using a codebook is the MacGuffin cipher.
  • First, and less importantly, the Big Secret proves to be a macguffin.
  • A MacGuffin is one example of a plot device, but not the only example.
  • If not explicitly, then implicitly in the definition of the MacGuffin used.
  • It is what Alfred Hitchcock called a "macguffin," a central plot-moving device.
  • Wow, I had never heard of the word "macguffin" until today .... and I have encountered it twice.
  • The great Alfred Hitchcock used the word "macguffin" to describe that object, the pursuit of which drives the plot of the story forward.
  • Ironically, “RocknRolla” had a b-i-i-i-g macguffin: a painting that drives the entire plot (and we never get to see), and it still sucked.
  • An ensemble cast of gangsters, lowlifes, thugs, and junkies are all after a “macguffin” (this time: a painting we never actually the face of).
  • Oz, I don’t think the aliens really qualify as a macguffin, that is really more a vehicle to drive the plot in thrillers and tends to be ambiguous.
  • However, I believe it is the subtle way in which Cameron introduces this to the audience that it works for the audience as a believable macguffin despite the name.
  • In The Bank Job, the macguffin was a set of photos supposedly showing the Princess having a beach affair; given the circumstances, the man involved would likely have been Bindon.
  • 'Tales' attempts to bridge the gap by making the "macguffin" into a semi-sentient protagonist; in theory, we'll work up sympathy for Simon Garth and his plight as a zombie, enough so to get us through stories that jump from city to city as the amulet changes hands.

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