IPA: mɑkiʌvˈɛɫiʌn

Root Word: Machiavellian


  • A ruthless schemer.


  • Attempting to achieve goals by cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous methods, especially in politics or in advancing one's career.
  • Related to the philosophical system of Niccolò Machiavelli.
  • Alternative form of Machiavellian [Attempting to achieve goals by cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous methods, especially in politics or in advancing one's career.]

Examples of "machiavellian" in Sentences

  • Sort of a Machiavellian approach is now useless.
  • I do worry about the machiavellian overtones really.
  • He speaks of morals but is Machiavellian and immoral.
  • I know it sounds Machiavellian but that's the way I am.
  • Lucifer appears as the master of these Machiavellian arts.
  • Even the definition Machiavellian has perpetuated this myth.
  • They were quite Machiavellian in their political games and treachery.
  • Thanks for the vote of confidence but I'm not nearly that Machiavellian.
  • The Roman Republic is not a republic due to the Machiavellian definition
  • Coercive power is Machiavellian in nature and is the opposite of reward power.
  • In addition, one might wonder what the fate will be of Alan Donnelly, Mosley's machiavellian deputy.
  • She has just burned a bridge too many and represents the kind of machiavellian politics people want to see the back of.
  • Eric Pickles, the machiavellian at the heart of these changes, is revising the Town and Country Planning Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 1999.
  • The machiavellian menial Tranio, pretending to be his master Lucentio, has won a assent of Bianca's father to matrimony with him by boasting of his father's huge wealth.
  • Gareth Fordred as the artfully side-swapping Leicester, Tom Radford as the besotted, hot-headed Mortimer and Richard Delaney as the machiavellian Burleigh all make a decisive mark.
  • As happens in many sports when hundreds of millions of dollars are involved, the America's Cup has became a machiavellian world in which power struggles and legal machinations matter more than the actual competition.
  • Sugar suggested the young apprentices might actually be better than their adult equivalents, who have amused audiences for years with their fondness for business jargon, machiavellian plotting and bulletproof self-belief.
  • In one corner we have stubborn Magdalene, ably aided by the ingenious Captain Wragge, in the other, the repulsive potential bridegroom, sickly Mr Noel Vanstone and his gorgon of a housekeeper, the machiavellian Mrs Lecount who is equally determined to keep him single.

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