IPA: mɑkjʌvˈɛɫiʌnɪzʌm

Root Word: Machiavellianism


  • (philosophy, politics) A political philosophy, based on the writings of Machiavelli, especially The Prince, that advocates the use of ruthlessness and duplicity in political dealings.
  • (countable) A political maneuver that exemplifies the philosophy.
  • (personality psychology) A psychological trait centered on interpersonal manipulation, unemotional coldness, and indifference to morality.
  • (by extension) Any ruthless, duplicitous behavior.

Examples of "machiavellianism" in Sentences

  • Now it's machiavellianism that is rightly attacked as a formulary of evil government.
  • The Palestinians are as much victims of wounded Arab pride as "European" machiavellianism and Israeli brutality.
  • Or self promotion and machiavellianism lead him to "tread" the same old path of other "insiders" that he wants to replace?
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  • Though neo-conservatives also came to adopt this position -- indeed as Paul Wolfowitz made clear at the time -- any rationale was as good as any other when it came to invading Iraq -- there was a sort of earnestness about the neo-liberals as opposed to the mephisto tinged, machiavellianism of the neo-cons.
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