IPA: mˈækʌntɔʃ

Root Word: Macintosh


  • A Scottish surname from Scottish Gaelic.
  • (computing) A brand of personal computer manufactured by Apple Inc.
  • A surname.
  • (Britain) Alternative form of mackintosh (“a raincoat”) [A waterproof long coat made of rubberized cloth.]

Examples of "macintosh" in Sentences

  • I'm a Macintosh enthusiast also.
  • The concept carried over to the Apple Macintosh.
  • The release of the Macintosh and the 1984 commercial.
  • The Macintosh was also introduced using the Sony floppy drive.
  • I am by profession a Macintosh computer consultant and troubleshooter.
  • However, the concept of the resource remains peculiar to the Macintosh.
  • The show used the first Macintosh computers to inventory the playlists.
  • The McIntosh was also the source of the name of the Macintosh computer.
  • Dave Macintosh of the Sandsharks continued the fight into the parking lot.
  • However, the concept of the resource fork remains peculiar to the Macintosh.

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