IPA: mˈeɪkʌn

Root Word: Macon


  • A dry red or white burgundy wine produced around Mâcon or extremely similar to such wines.
  • A surname.
  • A city, the county seat of Bibb County, Georgia, United States, with which it is now consolidated as Macon-Bibb County.
  • A city, the county seat of Noxubee County, Mississippi, United States.
  • A city, the county seat of Macon County, Missouri, United States.
  • (rowing) A type of oar blade with an elliptical shape which is squared off at the end, with a ridgeline running down the centre of the blade face.
  • Mutton bacon, a form of bacon made from cured mutton.
  • Alternative spelling of Mâcon, a city in France. [A town and commune in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France.]

Examples of "macon" in Sentences

  • His remains are buried in Macon.
  • Great work on the Macon article.
  • Macon has a humid, subtropical climate.
  • Macon was one of the worst flooded cities.
  • The city is in the Macon metropolitan area.
  • Many of the stores are new to the Macon market.
  • This line is projected to run to Macon eventually.
  • The regiment remained in Macon as occupation troops.
  • The press and the people of Macon celebrated the occasion.
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  • It is an enclave completely surrounded by the city of Macon.
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  • But the Bush himself – he is not in prison yet, right? mary macon
  • Aifinkso pollen iz macon me stuffy, ai donut rellee feal bad but berry stuffee hed.
  • Meanwhile Obama congratulated her in a very gracious and respectful manner. bernard, macon, ga.
  • I imagine, half of Britain - pining for a high street butcher again, and that despite him flogging them "macon".
  • Get well soon Teddy – we need you to help lay the foundation for the pages that Obama will turn bernard, macon, ga.
  • Compare: Flohmarkt (flea market) in Wuppertal, Germany, Rastro (street market) in Madrid, Spain. macon d 8:33 am on March 25, 2009 | # | Reply
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