IPA: nˈæbɫʌs

Root Word: Nablus


  • A city, the capital of Nablus governorate, West Bank, Palestine.
  • A governorate of the West Bank, Palestine.

Examples of "nablus" in Sentences

  • Nablus is the English name of the city.
  • Joseph's tomb is not really inside Nablus.
  • Nablus was expected to be far harder to crack.
  • Palestinians drove out the Jordanian governor of Nablus.
  • The linen produced in Nablus was of international renown.
  • This is the list of Mayors of Nablus in chronological order.
  • He was reportedly the leader of the Nablus branch in the est Bank.
  • He was reportedly the leader of the Nablus branch in the West Bank.
  • Nabulsi cheese that are made in Nablus or in the traditional Nablus style.
  • Military forces also invaded Qas'in village, west of nablus, ransacking homes and abducting one resident.
  • On Thursday 27th December, settlers uprooted 40 olive trees in Qasra village, south of Nablus in the West Bank.
  • The shops have been closed since 1994. and near where i live in nablus more land is set to be confiscated as well:
  • Mazen Kerbaj from dear muna & ramla in beirut. we are organizing one of these solidarity vigils in nablus as well. please consider doing the same wherever you are.
  • Body on the Line on education as liberation - friday morning a friend of mine had to make a delivery to nablus for work and offered to drive me down to beit lahem afterward so i decided to go back with ...
  • Settlers came on Monday midday to lands owned by farmers from the villages of Jit [...] in spite of recent news about the increased economic activities in nablus-salam fayyed's idea of a palestinian state, new house demolitions come to nablus:

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