IPA: nˈæbʌkɑf

Root Word: Nabokov


  • a crater on Mercury.

Examples of "nabokov" in Sentences

  • Vladimir Nabokov would be proud of me.
  • Great to see some Nabokov stuff popping up.
  • Nabokov was definitely smiling the whole way.
  • Nabokov revised the second translation in 1965.
  • The Nabokov quote would fit into such a section.
  • If the Brontes stay in favor of Nabokov, so be it.
  • Nabokov is one of the very few to accomplish this.
  • Terre Haute, a nabokov production at 59E59 Theatres.
  • Report Abuse does anybody know if nabokov is playing tonight?
  • Nabokov frequently endowed his protagonists with a similar gift.
  • Nabokov certainly used many of the themes of this book in Lolita.
  • But Nabokov was a happy Russian aristocrat and a well educated man.
  • I am not the nabokov heroine that you dream of or the supermodel you lust after.
  • I just keyed in “nabokov crown jewels pale fire,” to find the latest thinking on that novel’s supreme and running joke.
  • i wonder what the criteria was for choosing the best first lines? i mean, i like nabokov, but the first line from lolita?
  • After reading the same paragraph 12 times, you get out of bed, go into the bathroom, turn on a light, pee, and take a look in the mirror at your haggard face. nabokov

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