IPA: nɑbˈu

Root Word: Nabu


  • The ancient Mesopotamian patron god of literacy, the rational arts, scribes, and wisdom.

Examples of "nabu" in Sentences

  • He was thought to be the son of the god Nabu.
  • Nabu had such a dragon, but so did many others.
  • No one can question Lambert's expertise or the NABU.
  • The orphaned boy was trained by Nabu in the arts of magic.
  • Sand used the raiments to prepare a spell and speak to Nabu.
  • In the Episode 24 of fourth season, Nabu dies as a sacrifice.
  • In the fourth season, Layla and Nabu seem to have grown closer.
  • Nabu is the Babylonian deity of wisdom, and son of the god Marduk.
  • Whenever Nelson wore the helmet, his personality melded with that of Nabu.
  • Kom Ombo used to be known as Kom Nabu, where 'nabu' means 'gold' in Nubian.
  • A major effort to introduce Telidon in a public setting was the NABU Network.
  • Dr. Petra Ludwig-Sidow geologist, environmentalist - Germany nabu-ammersbek. de
  • Ang ycalima sumangpalataia ang atin panginoon Jesuchristo, nang magycatlong arao nabu hai nanaguli.
  • a prophet (nabi, perhaps “proclaimer”; cf. Akkadian nabu, “to call,” Arabic naba'a, “to announce”).
  • i never new true love till the day i met him. the day i first met him, i liked him straight away and he liked me too but i had a boyfriend who i regret even dating. if i had of dumped nabu i could have been with beau. as soon as i had broken up with nabu, beau had aready moved on so i've never really had a chance

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